Leveraging and Valuing Expertise Workshop in Canberra

Posted by  chandni —February 10, 2009
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Canberra has an interesting event this month! actKM has invited Patrick Lambe to conduct a workshop on Leveraging and Valuing Expertise. This workshop is part of the open research project “Leveraging and Valuing Expertise” ( Log in to share your stories!
When: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm on Friday, 13 February
Where: University House Common Room, ANU
Costs: $50, includes morning tea
Registration forms
Workshop outline:
* Introduction: the nature of expertise and experience
* Grounding: Anecdote circles with participants exchanging their stories of how expertise is leveraged and used (or misused) in their organisations
* Sensemaking: we work with the stories to identify patterns and key issues in the participants’ situations
* Planning: we work with an expertise transfer framework and the Straits Knowledge KM Method Cards to build outline plans for some of the participants’ situations
* Close: closing discussion looking at general patterns and sharing any relevant case examples

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  1. Ben Tremblay says:

    Sounds great … this sorta thing has been in the works a long time. Hope it thrives.
    BTW enterprises like … my pitch for years has been that what I call “subjective narrative” should be part of decision making, especially for capture of expertise, but also to find out what’s actually salient to the players (enter cog- and social-psych).
    I use the phrase “participatory deliberation”. (RC Church in the 60s was real big on “group discernment” … this aulde hippie remembers that. *grin*)

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