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Focus, focus, focus – the big four

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —November 9, 2006
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Paradoxically, one of the dangers of specialising in the practical application of narrative techniques is their wide applicability; sometimes the people who might be interested in your services are unsure what business issues you can help with because you appear to do so many things. So last week we decided to focus on four business issues. […]

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Kurtz and Snowden on inter-organisational learning networks

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —November 2, 2006
Filed in Collaboration

Cynthia Kurtz and Dave Snowden have written a thought provoking chapter on inter-organisational learning networks. I’ve seen their ideas develop over the last few years (on listservers, Skype chats, rare meet-ups and presentations) and this paper is an excellent synthesis and application of three key ideas (in my words): idealistic approaches predicated on predictability, analysis and […]

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Testing your company’s ethics-sensitivity

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —November 2, 2006
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I was chatting to a HR Manager from a financial services firm this week and he told me this story about a workshop a management ethicist ran for their leaders. Over a week the ethicist collected stories from staff about how work gets done. Her aim was to create a convincing scenario that would be used in […]

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Turning information security upside down

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —November 1, 2006
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Just a small thought for the day. I was chatting to the knowledge manager for a large Defence contractor today and he mentioned he’s having difficulty getting people to share information in an atmosphere of security consciousness. Whenever information is created the authors restrict its accessibility, effectively locking the resource away. If another team, in another […]

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The Storytelling and Complexity Conference in New Mexico

Posted by  Andrew Rixon —October 31, 2006
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What is the link between storytelling and complexity? This was the theme that found me travelling over 28 hours from Melbourne, Australia to Las Cruces, New Mexico to join with 38 other participants in the story circle. It was a fantastic conference. One of the highlights for me was the socratic circle process which opened up on the […]

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Social network perspective of knowledge-retention strategies

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —October 30, 2006
Filed in Strategy

Salvatore Parise, Rob Cross and Tom Davenport have teamed up to write an article for Sloan Management Review titled: Strategies for Preventing a Knowledge-Loss Crisis. It’s a description of how Organisational Network Analysis can be used to identify people who would be sorely missed if they left the organisation. They focus on three social network […]

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Facilitating a workshop of 90 futurists

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —October 29, 2006
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Last week I faciliated a workshop of 90 futurist gathered together for The Australian Foresight Conference. The organisers were keen to harness the energy created by the conference to explore new ways the group might collaborate into the future. With 90 people in a large atrium I was keen for the group to learn about […]

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Celerity IT is looking for a Senior Business Analyst with Business Narrative skills

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —October 27, 2006
Filed in News

This job for a senior business analyst in Dallas was advertised on Monster today. Analyze business functions and document high quality functional requirements. The documentation of functional requirements includes business narrative requirements, use cases, and process flows. The demand for practical narrative skills is increasing!

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The new science of change

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —October 26, 2006
Filed in Culture

I enjoyed reading this article this morning on some of the neuroscience behind change and some of the practical approaches you might adopt armed with this knowledge. Here are the sections of the article with one or two sentences highlighting key ideas. A Universal Truth – brain science is giving us new insights into how and […]

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What I believe about learning

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —October 24, 2006
Filed in Communication

I was thinking this morning about what I believe about learning. Some of the things that sprang to mind include: people don’t think they’ve learned anything until they’ve reflected on what happened. When I conduct lessons learning sessions I get the same response. “So, what did you learn from the project” I’d ask. “Hmmm, let […]

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