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Our take on how to talk about knowledge management

Category: Knowledge Management
Author: Mark Schenk, Shawn Callahan and Andrew Rixon
Date Published: 30-Apr-06

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For years we have been listening to presentations, reading articles and working with organisations in the KM field – and probably the only consistent theme is the lack of agreement as to what KM is. The lack of a consistent way to talk about knowledge management effectively disempowers us from taking concerted action. It makes competitors of those who need to work together to make organisations more effective and attractive. We see far too much time and effort spent to-ing and fro-ing over what KM is and not enough in doing good things. For these reasons, we have written our latest whitepaper to provide our thoughts on how to talk about KM based on our experiences and on the lessons of those who have most influenced our journey. We hope you find it useful in developing your thoughts on how to talk about KM in your organisations.