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Crafting a knowledge strategy that works

Category: Knowledge Management
Author: Shawn Callahan, Mark Schenk, Chandni Kapur
Date Published: 22-Apr-08

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In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, enhancing performance means creating a workforce that can work together to sense, adapt and respond to change as quickly as possible. Knowledge sharing and its more action-oriented cousin, collaboration, are essential ingredients. Yet despite the wide recognition that effective use of knowledge is instrumental in an organisation’s success, many organisations leave its nourishment and use to chance. Often businesses lack an effective knowledge strategy.

Knowledge strategies that work well are ones that are strategically relevant to the business. It’s important to link knowledge use to the organisation’s big picture, and then create opportunities where small improvements in knowledge sharing can make a big impact on real outcomes. And knowledge strategies that really work happen when the leaders understand that their development and implementation are a change management process. People need to think and act differently to use knowledge effectively.