Some Testimonials

“I met the folk at Anecdote in 2009 just before I visited Oxford for a week of executive development. The message at Oxford couldn’t be clearer, stories are important for business. Anecdote helped us create our strategic story and then worked with us to embed that story throughout our organisation. The strategic story is helping to ensure all our people are aligned with a single strategic direction in a memorable and deeply human way.”

Janet Dore, CEO
Transport Accident Commission

“Anecdote’s deep knowledge and understanding of the benefits to storytelling makes them the market leader in this field. It’s their passion for this stuff that’s so compelling. Storytelling and Anecdote should be part of any effective leader’s kit bag if they are looking to influence for success.”

Andrew Petersen, HR Business Partner,
Challenger Financial Services

“When we all operate in a world dominated by technological interaction, it is easy to overlook to power of personal interaction. Stories have always played an important role in human interaction allowing us all to find insights and shared meaning. Anecdote helped us to rediscover the power of stories in a contemporary setting.”

Graham Johnson, HR Director, Australia Post

“Anecdote made a tremendous difference to our management development programs using the power of business narratives. They helped us at AstraZeneca and FujiXerox to design and deliver outstanding management development programs that really changed behaviour among a group of sceptical managers that had seen it all before. The stories were the key. When the managers worked with the stories collected from their organisation and argued over what was right and wrong, what was good and bad, it impacted them emotionally and this instinctive understanding lead to real, lasting change.”

Damian Byers PhD, GM Human Resources, Uniting Care Australia