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ActKM should abandon its conference

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —October 30, 2005
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I would like ActKM to abandon the speaker-audience model in their conferences and adopt something radically different—discussions. Dave Winer sums the problem up beautifully: The problem with most conferences is that the intelligence is sitting in the dark with its hands folded, falling asleep while a bunch of idiots on stage with PowerPoints talking nonsense […]

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Learning initiatives need stories not measurement

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —September 25, 2005
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I learnt from Nancy Dixon that it’s difficult (perhaps impossible) to determine the organisational impact of a learning initiative. Say, for example, you introduce After Action Reviews (AAR) in your organisation. This intervention is designed to create knowledge through personal and group reflection but once the practice is in place is it the AARs or something […]

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Hearing, or not hearing, what you expect

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —March 18, 2005
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My friend Michelle turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and we all went to her house for a BBQ. I got talking to her sister who told me she was learning Chinese. She was amused to find that if she attempted to speak the language to her Chinese-speaking (mandarin) friends they had no idea what […]

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New white paper: connecting people with content

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —February 28, 2005
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Organisations are still jumping to the conclusion that they absolutely need a ‘knowledge repository’ to successfully harness employee know-how. While a database (let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s just a database) can be an important part of a knowledge solution, by itself, it’s typically an expensive waste of time. This white paper provides an alternative approach where […]

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