Fundraising Appeal for Christian Dahmen

Posted by Shawn Callahan - August 31, 2011
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Christian Dahmen is an extraordinary fellow who is a long term supporter and advisor for Anecdote. He is now in the battle of his life and he needs our help. Christian has Lou Gehrig’ disease, a motor neuron foul up that is wasting his muscles away causing weakness and respiratory difficulties.
Christian has exhausted his resources attempting to recover and is now thousands of miles away from his 12 year old son while he gets treatment in Germany. This appeal is to raise money to help Christian get his son and partner over to visit and help with some of his expenses.
Christian is a generous man. When we started Anecdote we were looking for advisors to guide our approach. I met Christian in New Zealand at a conference. He had had a stellar career in Europe in both consulting and manufacturing then moved to New Zealand to pursue a quieter life with his family. He became an executive coach. I asked him whether he wouldn’t mind meeting with Mark and I and give us some advice but as we were starting out we didn’t have a lot of money to pay an advisor. “No problems guys,” Christain replied. “Just buy me a book you think I would enjoy.” And that’s what we did. Here we are at our favourite cafe in Melbourne. We are smiling because of the all the great ideas Christain just shared with us.
Now Christian is confined to his wheelchair and has trouble speaking. He is amazingly upbeat however and has been steadily writing his book. The last chapter arrived in my inbox this week.
Of course many of you won’t know Christian. But I’m hoping many of you will still want to help another good person out, someone who would be the first to help others.
Please give what you can and thank you for reading this post.


Storytelling workshop in New York – 27 September

Posted by Shawn Callahan - August 19, 2011
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Only a little over a month before I present our storytelling for business leaders workshop in New York. I remember the first one I did about 5 years ago. Interestingly, it wasn’t something we wanted to do at first. We were reluctant to teach storytelling because our work was mainly focused on collecting and helping people make sense of their own work stories (something we still do a lot of today). We felt that that storytelling was potentially dangerous; it could be used to manipulate people (stories are powerful). As a result we avoided it but our clients kept asking: “hey, you guys know a lot about stories, why don’t you teach us to be better storytellers?”

We finally agreed on the strict proviso that the stories must be authentic and tell what really happened. For me I’m much more interested in the little anecdote of what happened at work rather than the grand fable or fairytale. This sometimes gets me into a little strife because some of our new clients think, “I’m so looking forward to be entertained by some witty fables or folk tales.” And then they discover that I mainly tell stories of thing that happen to people at work. Here’s an example from last week.

This mining company values perfectionism. It’s important to replicate things with little variation. Inside this company there were a group of trainers who worked closely together and one was a great storyteller. He told this one story in his classes that really engaged his students and conveyed some really important information in a way that there was no chance they would ever forget it. The other trainers agreed, they also needed to tell this story in their classes. So they sat down together and wrote out the story and then read it out in their training. They didn’t get the engaged audience. It wasn’t so memorable. In fact they killed the story.

This was told by one of the trainers in that group and she said it was the time when the penny dropped for her that you can’t control everything and when you let go a little lots of good can come from it.
I’m hoping you will consider coming along to my little storytelling workshop on 27th September. I have invited some of America’s top business storytelling talent along as well so we can all learn from one another. I can’t wait.

This is where you can buy your ticket

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Story quote of the week

Posted by Kevin Bishop - August 12, 2011
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Watson Story Quote

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Story quote of the week

Posted by Kevin Bishop - August 5, 2011
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Nazarian Story Quote

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