Matt Moore facilitates a discussion on story work with Madelyn Blair and me

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —July 2, 2008
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This morning Madelyn and I met Matt Moore on Skype to chat about story work. Matt’s a fast worker and has already posted the podcast. Here are the show notes:

00:00 – Introductions: Madelyn & Shawn’s first introduction to storywork.

04:00 – Stories that stick in your mind: Madelyn’s story of the Swedish ambassador, the mosque & the stone.

06:00 – Shawn distinguishes between storylistening & storytelling.

08:30 – “Storytelling” as a bit overwhelming vs things that you do everyday.

11:15 – The use of objects in storytelling – Madelyn applies this to mission statements.

13:00 – The importance of context & duckus duckus.

16:00 – Getting different groups to talk.

18:10 – Scientific papers as mystery stories.

And if you are interested in how to use mystery story format to write scientific papers (or any persuasive communication) then check out this post.

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  1. John Caddell Says:

    Hi, Shawn, FYI the direct link to the podcast appears to be faulty (the link to the post, from which you can access the podcast, works fine). I’ll check in after I listen!

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