“Yellow Pages” is a registered trademark of Telstra

Posted by  Shawn Callahan —August 31, 2007
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Just a warning to everyone out there who is using the term “Yellow Pages” to describe the people directories you might develop to implement knowledge management. Today I received this letter from Telstra’s lawyers telling me that I have probably unintentionally infringed their trademark and I must remove the reference from one of our whitepapers. I will make the changes they request, as it is not a biggie, but you should be aware if you are using this terminology that you might have Telstra’s lawyers knocking at your door.

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9 Responses to ““Yellow Pages” is a registered trademark of Telstra”

  1. Patrick Lambe Says:

    How totally idiotic. Have blogged this.

  2. Robyn Says:

    Given that it was simply used as a generic term, I agree with Patrick. Cannot see how this damages the brand or its goodwill, quite the opposite. Total overkill on the part of Telstra.

  3. Cory Banks Says:


  4. Frank Connolly Says:

    Was the letter prefaced with “Not happy, Shawn !”

  5. Ruth Pedley Says:

    Thanks for this – I’ve linked to it from my PSL blog to remind us in the UK too.

  6. Says:

    I’m working on a Russian “Yellow Pages”, but my lawyer strongly advised me to use a different term, so I’m religated to “Russian Business Directory”. BTW, people looking for those listings are still using the term “Russian Yellow Pages”, and I can still see a lot of directories using it…

  7. Net Magellan Says:

    > Given that it was simply used as a generic term, I agree with Patrick.
    That’s percisely the point. Once a Registered trademark enters everyday speech as a generic term, e.g. Band-Aid, Kleenex, Xerox, iPod (all Registered TMs), the owner loses some of their rights to the mark.
    It all seems idiotic until you happen to own a valuable mark one day.

  8. D.O. Says:

    Hello, Does this mean that my “Yellow” shirt, my “Yellow” post-it notes (sorry, slipped up there as post-it is a trade mark) cannot be used? 99.9% of these so called trade marks and copyrights are just a load of garbage. Then almost everything you write will contravene trade marks and copyright.
    I do not believe that you can copyright a word or series of words, or a musical note or a series of musical notes or the whole book industry and music industry would come to a standstill.
    If perchance ‘you happen to own a valuable mark one day’ then it should be totally unique and not something in common usage. Regards, D.

  9. JEnnifer Winland Says:

    Looked up this topic and found someone’s comment on this link saying “yellow pages” is not trademarked. Scroll down to see the comment.

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